Marcus Hiles Offers The Luxury of Space: Upscale Lifestyles Without Added Square Footage

Marcus Hiles Offers The Luxury of Space: Upscale Lifestyles Without Added Square Footage
Marcus Hiles Offers The Luxury of Space: Upscale Lifestyles Without Added Square Footage

Real estate was once all about the square foot measurement of space. Texas real estate developer and philanthropist Marcus Hiles has changed that philosophy to reflect what contemporary apartment dwellers really seek: free space. Designing residential neighborhoods that have a decidedly upscale look and feel without significantly adding to the square footage measurements of each living space, Hiles gives residents the feeling of privilege through a list of carefully curated amenities and design features. The nod to a more noble existence is proving popular with communities like those developed by Hiles from coast to coast, as noted by Rescour, the real estate market intelligence site for commercial real estate professionals. Today’s resident is more interested in outdoor kitchens, al fresco dining areas, and fitness studios, according to a November 2015 post on Rescour by Jess Black.

The Multi Family Executive website, dedicated to the operations of the commercial real estate industry, highlights amenities that ensure profitable performance of multifamily properties, like a living green wall, a rooftop cinema, and the award-winning crafting Maker Space in a Seattle community. Creating his unique take on what residents really want, Marcus Hiles has given his properties a luxurious look and feel through outdoor and shared spaces, as well as higher ceilings. He has also added parks, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchens, running paths, and sports fields to the plans, further elevating residents’ lifestyles.

Multifamily projects with walkable, transit-connected spaces, sporting amenities like wine cellars, rock climbing walls, spa and massage centers, yoga or wellness classes, and bike or dog related amenities have proven very popular, according to a January 2015 article by John Caulfield on the Building Design + Network website. Favoring smaller units with more elaborate amenities and outdoor spaces like greenhouses, running paths, and dog parks, along with sustainable and technological features, an article in the current BDNetwork magazine analyzed building trends for the multifamily sector to find these among the most important considerations for success. Multi Family Executive website reportedly expects that properties like those designed by Marcus Hiles will continue to experience success due to outdoor living areas, exercise studios, social club rooms, and even hotel lobby-like coffee bars, cafes, and concierge services. The guiding principles of all of Hiles’ projects embrace a more gracious lifestyle through these amenities, dedicated to building the finest housing in the best location at lowest cost with highest construction standards.

A graduate of Pepperdine and Rice Universities, Marcus Hiles has continued to follow his vision, providing upscale lifestyles for residents of his neighborhoods since he began his first development as Western Rim Properties in 1990. Responsible for over 15,000 upmarket residential townhomes and apartments, his real estate insight, community-centric vision, and relentless pursuit of more gracious lifestyles for those living in his developments have inspired philanthropic commitments of $2.5 million to K-12 school initiatives, after school programs, and career service programs. As the son of an inner city minister, his gifts have also funded construction of two large churches, as well as improvements in public parks, lakes, streams, and green space.

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